2021.12.01: CCA Constructor upgrade 1.4, firmware upgrade FW153.

CCA42 multifunctional graphical programmable flight control system. The control law construction software is similar to MATLAB and Simulink. No need to write code, just simply operate the mouse to connect the related functional modules, you can build the flight control system schemes with intuitive and clear structure and flow.

The built-in JSBSim and FlightGear semi-physical simulation systems can be used for system identification, dynamic simulation, online parameter adjustment and real-time operation. Your flight control system can quickly complete from design and development to real application.

You can use the professional function modules provided by the software, and also able to create custom control modules by C programming language. Users can carry out project development and application expansion according to their individual needs. It can be used for Fixed-wing, Helicopter, VTOL, Multi-rotor, Tilt-rotor, Airship, Car, Boats, Robot, PTZ and Moving Vehicle, etc.









Founded in 2001, Beijing MicroPilot UAV Control Systems Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, sales and technical services of UAV flight control systems, wireless communication products, power plants and related products. The company has established extensive close relationships with several well-known UAV platform manufacturers to provide a complete overall application solution for end-users both at home and abroad. From the UAV flight control system to the overall application solution, the products we provide to our customers have been widely used in equipment, scientific research, new machine verification, maritime maritime monitoring, prospecting, meteorology, agriculture, petroleum, water conservancy, electric power, forest fire prevention, Aerial photography, remote sensing mapping, ecological environment monitoring, wildlife protection, geological disaster monitoring, professional teaching and other fields, and continue to integrate into the new industry.






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