CCA42      Multi-Functional Graphical Programmable Autopilot

  • Graphic HMI for Logic and Control Design

  • Powerful and Adjustable Development Platform

  • High-Precision Measurements Sensor

  • Semi-Physical Embedded Simulation

  • High-Speed Data Acquisition

  • Rich User Equipment Interface

  • For Fixed-wing, Helicopter, Copter, VTOL, Car, Boats, Robot etc.


CCA42 multifunctional graphical programmable flight control system. The control law construction software is similar to MATLAB and Simulink. No need to write code, just simply operate the mouse to connect the related functional modules, you can build the flight control system schemes with intuitive and clear structure and flow.

The built-in JSBSim and FlightGear semi-physical simulation systems can be used for system identification, dynamic simulation, online parameter adjustment and real-time operation. Your flight control system can quickly complete from design and development to real application.

You can use the professional function modules provided by the software, and also able to create custom control modules by C programming language. Users can carry out project development and application expansion according to their individual needs. It can be used for Fixed-wing, Helicopter, VTOL, Multi-rotor, Tilt-rotor, Airship, Car, Boats, Robot, PTZ and Moving Vehicle, etc.

Device Structure

  • 3-axis angular rate gyro, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer

  • Airspeed Sensor

  • Barometric Altimeter

  • 10Hz GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo Satellite Receiver

  • DSP Digital signal processor, CPLD, 24 bit ADC

  • 16 Channel CAN Aerospace Device Expansion Bus

  • Redundant Power Supply

  • 18 Channel PPM Control Signal Input

  • 18 Channel Servo Output

  • 2 Channel Voltage Monitoring

  • 2 Channel RPM Monitoring

  • 8G External USB High-Speed Flight Data Recorder


  • The use of graphical configuration modeling technology to quickly build a powerful flight control system.

  • Fixed Wing, Copter Dual Mode High Accuracy Dynamic 3D Attitude Algorithm.

  • Provide more than 90 measurement data, the maximum rate of 50Hz.

  • AHRS and GPS-INS inertial integrated navigation algorithm.

  • Excellent broadband seismic characteristics, can be used for a variety of harsh environments.

  • Ziegler - Nichols step and frequency response of two PID controller parameter setter.

  • JSBSim flight dynamics model and FlightGear flight simulator composed of semi-physical simulation system.

  • CAN Aerospace protocol device expansion bus, access to a variety of user devices and sensors.

  • Security and confidentiality design, internal data can only be written can not be read and exported.

  • Convenient and flexible navigation control, any route from any point anytime you want to start flying.

  • A variety of flight modes: smart seamless tracking mode, waypoint resident mode, pointing mode and so on.

  • The flight plan can be composed of a number of routes, the max capacity of 100 routes, support KML route file.

  • Each route can be set up 1000 waypoints, each waypoint can define 23 parameters and 18 task operations.

  • Polygon scan route, you can define route scanning direction, route interval, margin, turn direction and so on.

  • Available online maps: Google Road, Hybrid, Satellite, Terrain Map, Open Street Map

  • Custom meter display, custom operation buttons and interactive window.

  • Video overlay, base station GPS, flight history playback, missing plane search and more.

  • Multi-function professional flight data analysis software.

  • Flight control software interface custom LOGO.






PWM output

  6 channel



PPM output

12 channel


PPM input

18 channel


DC 4V~18V




Sin input

1 18 channel



Sout output

1 12 channel



1 16 channel


Pitch 0.1/90,Roll 0.1/180,Course 0.3/180


PC / Digital Radio




RTK / LiDAR / Simulation


Voltage survey

2 0~30V



RPM survey


2g / 8g







0~300km/hr or 0~500km/hr


1000 / route



23 parameters / 18 action


Ublox MAX-M8Q

Online Map


GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo


Road, Hybrid, Satellite, Terrain Map




Open Street Map


Data Recorder




8G / USB / High Speed / External

Constructor software

Users according to the characteristics of the control object, control requirements and control purposes, the use of configuration modeling tool software on-demand selection of functional modules, with the mouse will need to connect the functional modules with the structure and process flow to form a clear and intuitive system applications . The user can quickly and conveniently enter into the realization development stage directly from the theoretical design and complete the configuration modeling, system identification, dynamic simulation and real-time system operation of the control system with high efficiency.

Configuration modeling tool software has a wealth of functional modules and professional module resources, flexible and powerful system configuration modeling capabilities, strict logic and embedded semi-physical simulation system, compatible with a variety of communication protocols, support for a variety of hardware devices, Users do not need to write program code to be able to complete all types of UAV all the complex functions required by the system configuration modeling design and simulation.

A-Menu Bar, B-Shortcut icon, C-Project window, D-Object property bar, E-Telemetry data window, F-Configuration modeling editing area,  G-Function module window,  H-Internal information window,  I-Debug information window, J-Command input window,  K-System Status Window,  L-Data transfer status bar.

Function Module Window:

Function Module Setting Window:

Project Example:

Ziegler-Nichols PID Parameter Setter:

Semi-Physical Simulation System:

Multi-Function Professional Flight Data Analysis Software:

Telemetry Data Source:

System Connection Diagram:

A-GPS Antenna, B-Device power, C.D-Servos, E-SBUS_PPM_PWM Converter, F-RC Receiver, G-Servo Battery, H-RPM Sensor, J-CAN Bus Sensor, K-Flight Data Recorder, L-Digital Radio, M-Pitot Tube.

Flight Control Software

The ground flight control software of the CCA4x flight control system supports a variety of map formats and online maps, can plan a variety of complex mission routes, you can personalize the control and display, custom add control buttons and interactive windows for flexible real-time navigation Control, video overlay function, as well as flight history playback, missing aircraft search function. Wide adaptability, versatility, scalability, compatibility and good use of the system hardware and control software can be a multi-purpose machine to meet the variety and application requirements of UAV.

Software Menu:

Setting Menu:

Use the right-click menu, set the waypoint parameters and route parameters for mission route planning.

Waypoint Menu:

Set Waypoint Parameters:

Set Route Parameters:

Route Example:

Example of a Scan Route:

Example of a Scan Route Setting:

Multi-task Route

Flight Control Interface:

Shortcut icon action button

Custom action buttons and windows

Plane Missing Search:

Flight History Playback:

CCA4X applications in many fields:






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